Thursday, September 02, 2010

Surgery Sucks

I had planned the Essure procedure and NovaSure procedure done on Monday but when they started the NovaSure they punctured my uterus near my tube. They could not do the Essure coils and ended having to do a lyposcopic tubal ligation. I then got sick and sore, then got skin rash from the surgery scrub, then found out the hard way that Phenagren and I don't mix.  Confusion, blurred vision, hallucination and facial muscle numbness I truly thought I was having a mini stroke, just side affects from Phenagren. My stomach and upper thighs still itch and are bumpy but I am alive and "fixed". I am still sore my stomach is itchy and bumpy and on lifting restrictions under 10 lbs.and can not bend.  (Yea right my husband is soon to deploy and I am not allowed to lift ANYTHING!) 
Bob and Dora are coming this weekend to see David leave and are staying a few extra days so they can do the NovaSure.

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