Sunday, September 12, 2010

The First Days of the Up Hill Climb.

With David gone not even a week and my "other" parents (don't like calling them the in-laws) back home safe and sound in Harrison. My house feels sad. I dare not say quiet; this house will never be quiet. I feel lost now, yes I have lived without my other half before for almost a year but, David brings humor into my life and makes me laugh when all seems lost.

I hear my three oldest upstairs fighting over some toy that Dakota took away from Lilli. Now all is forgiven as he is now laughing and telling them, "Come on lets go go go." My children are in better sprints today. They have pictures and letter ready for me to mail ASAP when David gets his address. I have my list of stuff to send.

I look across the room from my spot on the couch and see that poor, over-worked, broken-down, any-minute-now-it-will-collapse maroon recliner that has made three moves been repaired, re-braced, and re-screwed together to many times and no matter how bad it really needs to go to Recliner Heaven it is still in my living room because my kids (and cat) fight over who gets to sit in "Daddy's Chair". God help me, I cannot find the inner strength to drag it out the backdoor and down the driveway next Tuesday for the trash man to haul to the dump (I found myself asleep in it last night after I talked with David on Skype). It was a broken hand-me-down when we got it from Bob and Dora. I tried to take a vote on removing from the house so we can get a new one for Daddy, "Daddy really likes his chair he will get really mad at us it we throw it outside. (There went that family vote and so much for my plans to throw the poor thing out. I am going to have to wait a while before I can drag it down the driveway.

I miss my David calling me more than once a day to check on me and the kids even though he is just on the other side of the post. I miss the ten or so text messages I get to remind me of this or that, the cute random MMS with pictures from his day. I wonder how long my heart will "skip a beat" when I see his Hemi parked in the front yard and out of habit smile because David is home only to remember I parked the truck there the day he left when I drove home fighting back the tears.

I will not matter that out of the six year we have been married we had two Anniversaries together for one thing or another that had to with his Army career, or how many birthdays and holiday’s we are apart. It will not matter that I depend on my computer to keep my family link together across the miles sleep with my cell phone next to my pillow so I will not miss his calls. This is our life and we make the best of it each day. We depend on prayer and love to get us through the day. This deployment will end soon and the little things I take for granted will be even sweeter.

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