Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Our Trip

Just to let everyone know we had a wonderful trip and enjoyed our visits.

On the way to Arkansas David and I drove the 20 hour straight through and by the time we pulled into Papa and Grandma’s house I was very tried. (I found out that being pregnant I can’t have caffeine. I stay awake and it gives my really bad night leg cramps. I can’t drink coffee as the taste is nasty.) David was disappointed and wanted to see the St. Louis arch but it was so foggy. Missouri got smart and painted the roads and intersections on the interstate lanes as you could not see the signs above you until you were right under them.

The kids enjoyed several days with their Mama Rose. This year the kids got very few toys but really nice one as we were limited on space. I got a singer sewing machine but I have not got to try it out yet I need to make a trip to a craft store and get a few odds and ends. James got an ukekale from his Mama Rose and a guitar from Papa and Grandma. As he puts it he can be a rock star now. Lilli is now in the official ranks of a Barbie owner. As her Daddy put it when she open her gift, “Oh, Boy the Barbie isle.”

We had nice visits with Dave and Keisha and the boys, my sister Cindy and her family, my mom and big little brothers and my Uncle Bobby.

The night before we left all of us (as my mom, brother Ed, David’s parents, and the kids) went to Branson Landing. The grandparents bought both the kids b-day presents of new shoes and ball caps and pants for James. They were sung “Happy Birthday” from the crew at Joe’s Crab Shack. The whole b-day song just made James’s day. Lilli on the other hand (our shy Lilli Bug) got embarrassed.

On the trip back home we stayed overnight in Louisville, KY at the Breckenridge Inn. David couldn’t believe how flat Illinois land was until he saw in the day time. The inn was nice and took pets. We then continued on home.

On sad note during our trip we lost one of our pets. Oreo the guinea pig passed away. I miss her whistle and silly ways.

We are now at home our visit was way too short and already miss everyone but we will see you all soon.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Kids Early Joe's Crab Shack B-Day



James had to tell everyone that his and Lilli's Birthday was in January so the crew came out and sang to the kids . That made James's day as you can tell from his expression.
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Future Rock Star


Baby coming to a home near us.

As most of you know I am pregnant and Due August 10. We do not know what the sex of the baby is as of yet but we will keep you posted to our progress. Yes we are excited. No we don't have any names picked out yet. James wants a brother and Lilli says she wants a sister. I don't care as long as it is healthy. Ultrasound pictures to come soon. I will let everyone know where we register.