Monday, March 10, 2008

Marshall House of Ills

For the last two and a half months the Marshall household has been playing "Flu Tag" with each other. It usually starts with James and moves down the line in one form or another. The last two weeks thankfully no one has gotten sick. So there is really very little going on in our direction because we have all be too sick in one way to the other. My kids may not share their candy but they give their germs away freely.

James once again received an Academic Achievement Award from school this grading period. The kid is sometimes too smart for his own good.

Lilli is sweet and ornery as ever. And if the paper work gets processed and approve she may be able to go to head start at school.

Dakota is growing and starting to gabber he knows how to say "Hi" and for a Mama's boy we can't figure out why his second word was "Dada".

As for David and I we are watching our babies grow. I marvel at them some days the small things they do or say. Watching them grow before my eyes. I often at night when the house is quiet and my kids are sleeping wonder what life holds for them. I laugh as James and Lilli tease and torment each other and then sit in awe as small moments of endearment are shown or said. I watch James as he takes step to independence and they often lean into boundary testing but I realized it is all part of growing up. I see Lilli and her boldness she is so bright and funny yet so wild and pure fire. She is so determined to be stronger and brighter then James. I already see her as the one who will say,"I can do it bigger and better then you." And sweet Dakota learn and taking in this big world with his bright eyes that took in the world the moment he was born. His eyes always alert and so afraid he is going to miss something but at the end of the day he is ready to sit on his Daddy's lap and play "stick out your tongue". Then when it's time to wind down put his head on my chest and fall asleep.