Wednesday, October 11, 2006

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

James was so excited

     James was so excited about his first day he said he that “g” is for green, “y” is for yellow, and “r’ is for red. James said he did not meet any friends yesterday and was a little upset, but we told him that give it some time and he would make friends. He was so tired he had a bit of a headache and after a little Tylenol and some “mama love’ns” he was feeling better.

     Lilli on the other hand missed James and keep asking for him. When we walked to pick James up at school she cried and screamed the whole way to school and back home. She got so mad she was kicking and screaming that she was not watching where she was going and trip off the sidewalk and scratched her nose.
     I walked him to school and he meet to boys each were in different classes, but both are army brats Cody mom is single and is a nurse at WRAMC, and Brian’s dad is a patient and a double amputee. He was so happy. He seen his teacher and ran up to her and gave her a hug (as did Lilli).

     So Brian’s mom wants me and Cody’s mom to get together for coffee and get to know each other better.

     Yah! The boys will have playmates.

Monday, August 28, 2006

James and his teacher, Mrs.Saber.

He was so proud of his Spider-man lunch bag. this is his teacher Mrs.Sader. Where did the time go? Before I left he told, You can go home now Mama. I will see you later." Posted by Picasa

This is his desk.  Posted by Picasa

He looks so grown-up.  Posted by Picasa

First Day of School

On the way James could not wait to get to school I had to keep telling him not run because Lilli could not keep up. All the way he sang his little song, "I'm goin to school, I'm goin to school, to school, to school. And the whole time bopping his head.

We stopped to take a few pictures. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Wobbie theif. Posted by Picasa

To much yarn! Yarn over dose Posted by Picasa

It Crashed! Posted by Picasa

Faith and Oreo Posted by Picasa

School time

Okay so it has been awhile since I have blogged. We have been so busy with this and than. So I decided to get everyone up to date on us.

Last month we added to our pets the last and final pet to our zoo. We adopted a kitten named Faith. She is a black and white kitten. Sheba and Faith now get along okay they have their moments. Nani likes to chase the cats around the house.

James starts school next Monday (my baby boy is growing up) he is so excited he got to meet his principle Thursday she is a no nonsense woman, but at the same time she smiles and shows how much she cares about her students.

David and I started class this week at Colorado Technical University Online. We are both looked at our assignments and wonder what we have gotten into. David is work on his Criminal Justice degree and I am working on my Business Administration.

Lilli is talking more and more every day she chatter to us to herself, the cats, the dog and anything in the house that will listen to her. She is still shy with strangers, unlike her brother.

On that note we all are doing well. We are looking forward to our possible trip to Arkansas this Christmas.

So with my school work, James being in school and my busy house hold no promise how often I will update this page.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

On the go! Posted by Picasa

Double the pleasure. Posted by Picasa

Learning how to swing takes alots of brain power. Posted by Picasa

Slide fun. Posted by Picasa

My babies and me. Posted by Picasa

We went to the park today and David tried out our new camera. I think he had more fun then the kids did when all was said and done. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Someone stole my other child and was use her as a sheild. Posted by Picasa

" I not drunk that flash was #&^% bright." Posted by Picasa

James at the Petner's Bar-b Que Posted by Picasa

Rain rain go away .....

Man, five days of rain! There may be even more coming. But, why am I complaining we are on the second floor.
Other then that we are doing good. We are waiting on the behaviorist to call us back for James' appointment but he is doing a lot better. The sassy-ness and the defiance is all but stopped for now, when we went to the doctor to get the referral he asked me if we were going to see the doctor so we could talk and get someone to helps us not fight. He got really quiet. For most of the day. I spoke to the doctor and told he what kind of behavior he was displaying and he said the James may be have some kind of emotional regression and need to work through it.
ste Since then James has been trying very hard to correct what he has been doing wrong. That is a great in the right direction but we still feel that talk to someone else may be just what he needs to learn coping skills.
Being a child from divorced parents is not easy. So may be he can find the answers to what ever is bugging him. Or find the skills he needs to cope with his emotions.
Now "sweet" Lilli on the other hand has become that typical two year that just does not like her control of her vast universe controlled. Learning her boundaries is becoming Troubesome to her. But in time (we hope) she will come out of this and be the very sweet and clever girl that she is becoming.
I sit her at my desk this morning missing my family and friends. With all this rain I miss walking across the road at my childhood home, and down the "valley" to the run off creek that comes gushing down the mountain. I miss sitting there in the rain under my umbrella and taking in all that I could hearing the rain and the water sing to the tress and earth. To feel the dampness and the smell. Yet Then I realize that the rain is here and not back home and it would do me no good to go back home.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Art work from James June 2, 2006 Posted by Picasa

Thursday, June 01, 2006

My Busy Week

Monday we went over to some friends house to get together. They had a small pool and my son got in and played and splashed in his drawers. We had fajitas and smores. By the end of the night hubby, me and James were socked. Lilli on the other hand did even want to get her feet wet ( water was too cold I think).
Then on Tuesday I got the TVs moved where I wanted them before Dave went to work on 3rd.
yesterday I went to Belvoir and got the rest of our stuff and then came home and planned on napping a little, but Dave ended up letting me sleep for two hours or so. I woke up to "grilled" chicken pasta ad mixed veggies. It was nice not to have to cook.
Today I got my son's room finished. We got his bed, keyboard, "Lego rug", and his toys sorted and the children's books separated and put in the correct rooms. I got six loads of laundry washed dried, fold and put away. Image my daughter napped most of the afternoon so I did not get to finish her room.
We got the patio set the way we wanted. The treadmill is outside and I used crappy air mattress to cover it. I cut a hole in the bottom snipped the inside plastic and draped it over the treadmill. I have my glider and ottoman set to gaze.
then we got the big wall between the hallway and the kid's room cleared and my table placed along with my snack trays and rack.
So now that leaves my dinning room, master bedroom and bath and the hall and closets left to organize.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

DECEMBER SNOW 2005 FT. BELVOIR, VA. Posted by Picasa