Tuesday, August 29, 2006

James was so excited

     James was so excited about his first day he said he that “g” is for green, “y” is for yellow, and “r’ is for red. James said he did not meet any friends yesterday and was a little upset, but we told him that give it some time and he would make friends. He was so tired he had a bit of a headache and after a little Tylenol and some “mama love’ns” he was feeling better.

     Lilli on the other hand missed James and keep asking for him. When we walked to pick James up at school she cried and screamed the whole way to school and back home. She got so mad she was kicking and screaming that she was not watching where she was going and trip off the sidewalk and scratched her nose.
     I walked him to school and he meet to boys each were in different classes, but both are army brats Cody mom is single and is a nurse at WRAMC, and Brian’s dad is a patient and a double amputee. He was so happy. He seen his teacher and ran up to her and gave her a hug (as did Lilli).

     So Brian’s mom wants me and Cody’s mom to get together for coffee and get to know each other better.

     Yah! The boys will have playmates.


Rose Marshall said...

It sounds that it is going good so far. I am so proud of him and I am hoping Lilly get's adjusted soon to him being in School all day. Love to all Mama Rose

Rose Marshall said...

awaiting more news if you please. mama rose

Rose Marshall said...

Wow, no new post yet? You must be swamped!