Monday, October 06, 2008

How sweet he is....

As mothers we know that kids can very selfish at times. Then they have those moments that bring out their true selves. 

Lilli has (or I should say had) a small brown Ty beanie baby dragon. The Ty name is Scorch but Lilli calls him Dragon. Well she lost Dragon somewhere and we spent all weekend looking for him. 

I got the dragon and two others at the thrift store and well Daddy took one with him to the field (kind of like the monkey on the AT&T commercials). And I gave the other to James. 

Well this morning we looked for Dragon again with no luck. Then I hear James call Lilli, "I found Dragon, Lilli." I was wondering how Dragon got in his room, but he hands her his dragon. 

I was a wow moment.

So Dragon wings are shinny again and his neck stands up and he sports a bright red tag in his ear. 

Kids never stop amazing me.

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