Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A busy four day weekend.

My dear hubby had a four day weekend and return to work this morning. I like those four day weekend.

Well did not go out to do anything. We stayed home. David and I did some much need house work. We got most of the boxes from our move last year gone through and organized. (That was a PCS nightmare and a huge lesson. but more on that later.) I went and pulled Lilli's winter clothes off her hanger and out of her drawers to make room for her summer stuff. I have not packed them as of yet. I still need to separate the stuff that will be too small for her and the stuff that will still fit her. I had James take all his long sleeve shirts except his "Button Shirts" off hangers. I have to go and separate his pants and other stuff in his drawers this week. I took all the baby stuff out of the "too little for Lilli" tote to make room for the her smaller stuff.

I then went thorough her toys and took out all the baby toys and broken stuff. I got tired of trying to keep her toys organized. I had a system. All her "food" toys on one container. All her big Lego blocks in a box. And then all her other stuff in a tote. Well she is and never well be like James. James keep his stuff separated. She on the other hand just put it all in one box (or should I say mixed up in several boxes). So David said dump it all in one tote she can dig for what she wants. So all her toys are in a huge tote. Her big toys and the noise toys I put on her shelf her Papa make for her. That way when she throws them in her tote they don't make some horrid noise at two in the morning.

James was missing a school media book (why they don't call it a library book is beyond me) so we took all his books off the shelves and found "a media" book but not the one they said he is missing. Man does that child have books. We organized his shelves so that his books don't keep fall off his shelf. I gave him a ruler to stick where he took the last boo so he can remember how to keep his book shelf neat. I did not have the strength to go through his toy tote yet.

Then I vacuumed and then shampooed the carpets in James and Lilli's room. man was James' carpet dirty. I swear he is soo boy. I can't tell you how many stiff, stinky and dirty socks I find from his room. He will wear a pair for a week or more. I keep telling him to "Change your Socks." them he will say I don't have any clean ones "Hum look in your drawer" They like to hide under the underwear. I don't now if it is by accident or well you if you have a boy you know. I keep wondering what the funny smell was in his room. I clean his carpet twice and Lilli's once and her was much cleaner the one time then his was the second time. Boys got to love them.

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