Monday, March 26, 2007

Half-way point

Well as of Friday I am half way to my due date. It is hard to believe that half of my pregnancy has come and gone and in five months I will meet the newest member of our family. My ultrasound is this Wednesday. So many people ask me what we want and I simple say "A healthy, happy full-term baby." Since we already have one of each then it matters not to me.


James wants a brother because he does not want another sister to pick on him. Lilli says she wants a sister. So one of them is going to be disappointed but I think they will get over it soon enough.

    We have not picked out names or set them stone as of yet we are leaning toward a certain girl's name but no boy's name.

    My pregnancy is going good so far I am over the "morning sickness" and pure lose of energy that I had in the beginning. Right now I feel normal. I know wait a few more months and I will feel like a beached whale.


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